Lioness Lola gave birth to triplet cubs at Chelyabinsk . (Video)

Humanity! Brave officers rushed to secure the life of cute Baby elephant from drowning in a tank (Video)

Jhon Doe

- Jan, 2023

Humanity! Brave officers rushed to secure the life of cute Baby elephant from drowning in a tank, A story of a cute tender baby elephant who had to face an unexpected trouble. He may have come to the village with his mother and fellow herd. But unfortunately this little fellow has fallen in to a concrete pit filled with water at night. This area is located bordering to the forest. According to the villagers, this tank was constructed to meet the water need during the erection of a new nearby building. However, now that the construction work is complete, they seem to have forgotten to close the small concrete tank. It has been filled with water, leading to the victimization of this innocent baby. The tank is located nearby a military camp and a villager who first noticed this struggling elephant, informed to the army officers. The officers rushed to the location, as soon as they received the news. They got in to the tank, to help the baby elephant to get out. This tender baby elephant has been trapped here since last night. Just imagine the pain and fear this adorable little one has been enduring. Finally, they were able to lift the baby elephant and free it from its prolonged suffering.

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